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All business people know that a good referral is far easier to close than a cold lead – and it’s also far more likely to lead to a strong and lasting working relationship with the end-user. That’s because the loyalty and trust you’ve earned from a client who is willing to recommend your services can be transferred ‘by association’ to somebody who values and respects their opinion.

This principle of ‘Business By Association’ lies at the heart of Business BASE and helps shape the way we operate. We spend time getting to know our fellow members and understanding the professional goals they have set themselves. By building these connections based on trust, we can be sure that referrals we make for their services will provide powerful new opportunities for them to win new clients, increase profit and grow their businesses.

Business BASE meets at the Chichester Hotel in Rayleigh fortnightly throughout the year.
Our “exclusivity rule” means we can only accept one member per business category. But if your seat is open, please call us on 07770 793397 to arrange a visit.


Business BASE meets fortnightly throughout the year with a break for Christmas and Easter. Meetings take place at The Chichester Hotel, Rayleigh at 7.30am on a Thursday morning.


Our aim is to become a positive force for innovation and growth for business owners in South Essex. We do this by providing a forum where quality professionals can form long-term working relationships, actively seeking to support, promote and refer the services of their fellow members.