Terms & Conditions

Business BASE (or Business By Association in South Essex) is a society of Essex-based companies founded in 2018. Created to provide a supportive forum where members could meet to share business ideas and opportunities with a view to increasing their overall efficiency and profitability, Business BASE is a not-for-profit organisation run by the members for the members.


Our mission is to operate a structured networking group where quality business people can form long-term working relationships, actively seeking to support, promote and refer the services of their fellow members.


Most business owners would agree that a referred business opportunity is easier to close than a cold lead. It is also more likely to lead to a strong and lasting working relationship with the client. That’s because the loyalty and trust we have earned from somebody who is willing to refer our services is easily transferred ‘by association’ to another person who values and respects their opinion.

The concept of ‘Business By Association’ lies at the heart of Business BASE and the way we operate. By growing to trust and understand our fellow members, we can be sure that the referrals we make for their services will provide powerful new opportunities for them to grow their business.


When a member joins Business BASE, they agree to accept the following Code of Ethics.

  • I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner during group meetings
  • I will help to create and foster a spirit of positivity, support and respect between members
  • I will refrain from using language that may cause offence to others
  • I will show commitment in my efforts to bring a positive contribution* to every meeting
  • I will follow up on the business referrals I receive in a timely manner, providing good quality service that lives up to the ethics of my profession

NB. A ‘positive contribution’ is defined as either (i) a referral for a fellow member, (ii) an eligible guest or (iii) any other demonstrable initiative to help grow the group or identify new business opportunities for a fellow member.


  • Members must represent their primary occupation or activity and are expected to be working full-time within their business. Multi-level marketing organisations are not be permitted to join.
  • A membership cannot be shared between two employees of the same organisation but must be represented by a single individual.
  • To avoid any conflict of interests and to demonstrate their primary loyalty to this group, members are not allowed to hold any other memberships with referral-based networking groups.
  • Group meetings are held fortnightly throughout the year and members are expected to achieve at least 90% attendance over a rolling 6-month period. If a member is unable to attend a meeting, they may send a substitute to represent them, which will not count as an absence. However, the same substitute may not be used twice in any 6-month period.
  • Exceptional leaves of absence will be considered by the Membership Committee, although fees will continue to be payable during this period.
  • A Leadership Team, which comprises of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, is responsible for the overall running of the group. Members are encouraged to put themselves forward for these and other roles to ensure the group benefits from the full range of our collective talents.
  • Membership Team (nominated by the members) is responsible for ensuring members make the most of their membership by offering guidance, help and training where needed. In the absence of a Membership Team, the Leadership Team may act as an emergency Membership Team until one can be formed.
  • Other roles may be created with a view to promoting the group and maximising its growth, ensuring meetings run smoothly and helping members to gain the most from their membership. All members are expected to volunteer for these roles.
  • Our policies are subject to change. All proposed policy changes must be discussed by the Membership Committee before being put to the members for a vote. New rules, regulations and amendments to existing policies require a majority of at least 60/40 in order to be formally adopted by the group.


  • Members are approved by the Leadership Team for an initial 6-month period and the first 2 quarters’ fees must be paid upon acceptance. After this 6-month period, membership will be reviewed quarterly. No fee is charged by Business BASE to process this renewal.
  • A quarterly membership fee of £120 is charged to cover the cost of our venue and breakfast as well as other general running and marketing costs. This amount must be paid on request and is non-refundable. If fees remain unpaid for 15 days, memberships may be revoked by the Membership Team.
  • Business BASE meets fortnightly throughout the year with a break for Christmas, the New Year and Easter.
  • Meetings take place at The Chichester Hotel, Rayleigh at 8am on a Thursday morning with members expected to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance.