Tim Stock, Fusion Technology Solutions

IT Support & Consultancy

Tim has worked in the IT sector for 21 years and his knowledge and experience is second to none.

His early career was spent with an Essex-based IT support company where he quickly climbed the ranks to become lead engineer. In 2000, with his now business partner James, Tim established the support department for a large IT distributor, building it to become a successful arm of the business, which contributed generously to the company’s bottom line.

In 2005, Tim and James founded Fusion Technology Solutions Ltd, which offers a carefully selected portfolio of cloud, security and outsourced IT support products to clients throughout Essex and beyond. Tim’s focus today is primarily on client relationships and business development but he remains a major part of the engineering team.

  • IT Support

  • Managed Services

  • Business Continuity

  • Asset Auditing

  • Compliance & Regulation